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Wang Feng of the starry sky: can’t starve to death [Abstract] what does money bring to a musician? Not enjoyment, but dignity. This dignity is not recognized by the dignity, but when I want to say no, it is easy to say no. This article reprinted from the WeChat public "brief music industry", micro signal: miresearch Wen Wang Feng Wang Feng in the sky tonight, in the full disclosure of their speech music practitioners decades of experience, from the Central Ballet to Bao Street No. 43, 8000 yuan from the first album earned, all royalty income of 600 thousand, to start a business let the music launch people earn "debris" APP. He didn’t mention half of the country, not to mention the feelings, beliefs, but said that he was a fledgling entrepreneurs, want to chat, chat "money". For Chinese musicians, it is also a step forward to talk about "money". Only when the musicians create with dignity can they create a better music. The following is Wang Feng’s speech "can not starve to death music," the text record, whether you are a musician or an audience, should look for the future of the music circle. Hello, everyone. I’m Wang Feng. Remember how many times this is standing on the stage, the past is a singer standing here, but this is a speaker, I was very nervous, I do not want to give the speech into the scene of the accident". Today I want to talk to you about money. When it comes to money, I see a lot of people laugh, you may say, Bob · Dylan have won the Nobel prize for literature, and even in this talk about money, the Chinese rock and roll is really not the pursuit of the. Perhaps you will think that Wang Feng’s song so many ideals, beliefs, how to speak today, mention money? I know you may be confused, but I insist on the purpose of this topic, I believe you will understand. Why to talk about money, a general reason is that the Chinese musicians are very poor, of course, there is absolute and relative poverty, first of all, the absolute. A: Why did I quit my job in 1994, after graduating from Central Conservatory of Music, I joined the Central Ballet Symphony Orchestra as a violinist and band vice president, and that was a very good job. In the last century in 90s, my salary can get 900 dollars, plus the cost of rehearsals and performances, the monthly income can reach three and four thousand, which can meet the demand of me in all Beijing rent, eating, drinking and flirting. However, after half a year, I quit this job. Very early, I began to listen to rock music during the University, I and several like-minded friends formed a "Bao Street No. 43" band, I know, this is what I want to do music, music is the life I want, I must become a rock singer. I finally jumped out of the system, became an independent musician, a self-employed, my left hand to grip 6 string guitar from holding the 4 stringed violin, right hand holding a bow from holding picks, the performance style has changed, I need to sit, now I can stand a, kneeling, jump up, I like walking into a wider sky, closer to my dream, but soon I began to rent can not afford housing.相关的主题文章: