The new progress of Uhm Tae Woong being prosecuted prostitution case fined 6 thousand

The new progress of Uhm Tae Woong prostitution case: being prosecuted 6 thousand fine Uhm Tae Woong prostitution case 2 announced the end of the investigation of Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, South Korean actor Uhm Tae Woong August shocking sexual assault scandal, although later proved to be framed, but also could not escape the suspicion of prostitution, making the image down, so let more suspected hit and wife abortion. Prostitution case to 2 new progress, Uhm Tae Woong being prosecuted and fined, but he also through a brokerage firm to the family and public apology. Uhm Tae Woong 2, the prosecution on suspected trafficking prosecution, and fined 1 million yuan won (about 6 thousand yuan), he said all through the brokerage company survey has been completed, is honest with the prosecution’s investigation, "for anyone else to hurt my family, I feel most sorry." At the same time, he also apologized to the fans, that his actions did support his people disappointed, "for my wrong behavior, with a reflective heart life, I am really sorry." The wife of Uhm Tae Woong Yin Huizhen at the end of October because of health factors, lost 5 weeks pregnant child, now Uhm Tae Woong’s prostitution case is almost convicted, she is undoubtedly a blow to the couple relationship in the future will be how to develop, but also the focus of attention from all walks of life. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: