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Finance The "1000-year flood" that drenched Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee on May 1-2, 2010 broke rainfall records and all-time high crests in five rivers. Flooding memorialized May 2010 as the wettest May on record. Thousands were left homeless and at least 19 people died from the flooding. Along with the Coast Guard and the National Guard, other emergency workers searched for stranded people while Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen requested a presidential declaration to begin Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recovery efforts. There was more to .e. In late August, Nashville officials again planned evacuations and sandbagging as torrential downpours derailed a train, trapped people in vehicles and washed away a bridge and a home. During any such evacuation, survivors are forced to abandon medicine they required on a daily basis as well as important medical records showing their known allergies, what vaccinations their children have had, etc. Just when they may need their Tennessee Health Insurance ID cards the most, those cards could be lost forever. Disasters make it even more important to trust your insurance to reputable, financially-stable insurers who will be there when the need is greatest. In the wake of Tennessee-based American Trade Association being charged with robbing Americans of an estimated $14 million for worthless health insurance policies, it’s no longer safe to put either your money or your trust in insurers who have not demonstrated reliability. What Could Evacuees Expect From Tennessee Health Insurance Providers? In the aftermath of the flood, Aetna Tennessee Health Insurance sought to make services available to its members who had been displaced. During the evacuation, required medications, Tennessee health insurance ID cards and many personal medical records were lost. Aetna Chairman and CEO Ronald Williams said, "Our focus is on helping our members get the care they need, knowing that they may not be able to use their usual pharmacies, physicians and hospitals due to evacuations." Aetna members affected by flooding were able to refill their prescriptions early to replace medications that had been lost. Because Aetna also supports mail-order pharmacy delivery, its members could receive their medicine at a new delivery location when forced to relocate. Those with Aetna health insurance in Tennessee could also access their personal health records over the Internet day and night and get replacement insurance ID cards. Because Aetna’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) professionals are experienced in dealing with traumatic events, Aetna Behavioral Health extended its EAP resources to Aetna members who were not EAP customers. Aetna members could contact the EAP around the clock for general information about government resources and shelters as well as referrals. Aetna Tennessee health insurance members were free to seek emergency care anywhere needed, and Aetna said it would adjust its policies to .ply with any local, state or federal disaster executive orders or regulations related to the flooding. Health Insurance In Tennessee And Disaster Planning Because warmer air can hold more moisture, scientists are predicting worse precipitation in .ing years. Dangerous storms that have historically only been seen once in a couple of decades are projected to occur much more frequently. That makes it more important to take a closer look at Tennessee health insurance .panies that have already stepped up for their members by increasing services during recent disasters. Serving approximately 35.8 million people, Aetna offers Tennessee individual health insurance plans and Tennessee family health insurance plans. Tennessee residents can also choose from some of the best-known insurers, including Assurant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN, Humana and others. Why risk your health care to unknown insurers when .panies with proven dependability provide health insurance in Tennessee? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: