Guangxi Liuzhou tourism draw road map to help the more than 70 thousand people out of poverty –

Guangxi Liuzhou tourism draw "road map" to help the more than 70 thousand people out of poverty – Beijing new network in Liuzhou in November 5, (Lin Xin) Guangxi Liuzhou City Tourism Development Committee and the municipal Poverty Alleviation Office on November 4th -5, held in Liuzhou City Tourism Promotion Conference 2016. The meeting revealed that plans to use 5 years to support the city’s development of rural tourism in the village of the poor, to help more than 70 thousand of the poor get rid of poverty and become rich. The promotion will be tourism village tour please "as the theme, to introduce visitors to Liuzhou city and county a total of 32 tourism village tourism resources characteristics and characteristics of agricultural and sideline products, and announced the first four tourism routes. Advocate more tourists to the poor village tourism experience, so as to promote the local villagers through the tourism industry to get rid of poverty. Liuzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Jiao Yaoguang said that tourism is an important starting point for precise poverty alleviation, the advantage industry and most people who need help with the poor areas into the area, led the farmers out of poverty. Located at the junction of Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou provinces, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Liuzhou province was included in the national poverty counties. May 15, 2016, the Nanning Railway Bureau and the Liuzhou municipal government to take the road of poverty alleviation, tourism poverty alleviation, for the county ordered to travel to the city of Guangzhou, Sanjiang emu". The 5 months since the opening of the train, the volume of tourists in Sanjiang for nearly 500 thousand people, driven by tourism revenue of $405 million. The use of tourism resources to promote the Sanjiang out of poverty, is a microcosm of Liuzhou city tourism. Fengshan Town, Liucheng County, Liuzhou City, was listed as a poor village of river village, 2015 to comprehensive development and utilization of silkworm resources as the leading industry, create a set of leisure and entertainment, vacation sports, analysis of secluded and agricultural sightseeing in one of the "Zen Macrames" scenic spot. "In the past, young people are out of work in the village, in the village of old people and can not do heavy work, land have been abandoned." The town of Fengshan County propaganda committee Lai Honghu introduction. Today, the village to form cooperatives lead the poor farming development of silkworm, mulberry wine, agricultural picking experience tour project. Farmers per capita income rose to 13000 yuan." At present, there are still 328 thousand people in rural poverty in Liuzhou, in order to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation in 2020. In 2016, Liuzhou city to the rural tourism conditions are relatively mature poor village priority development. Through the integration of resources, strengthen the tourism infrastructure construction, improve the tourism service system, rich tourism products, with 5 years to support 32 poor villages out of poverty, helping more than 70 thousand of the population in poverty by tourism poverty. According to the world tourism organization research report pointed out that the tourism industry to increase the number of employees, the relevant industry can increase 5 jobs. The next 5 years, China will help poor people through the development of tourism from 12 million to 14 million to achieve poverty, accounting for the total population of poverty alleviation from 17% to 20%.相关的主题文章: