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Business When it comes to the security, we try everything possible to have the utmost security. No matter, whether it’s a small home, a bungalow or an office, we always try to make it as secure as it can be. As digital home security systems are more efficient than the traditional home locks available for doors, their demands are growing exponentially. These systems are designed in such a way that the intruder will run away immediately after hearing the alarm without getting any chance to accomplish unlawful activities. Moreover, also you would be able to catch him. Generally, digital door locks, video intercom systems, burglar alarms, CCTV cameras are the most common types of digital security systems. Digital Door Locks :- It is also called as keyless door locks, which make you have keyless entry in your home or office. Since, the digital locks don’t require any key to unlock. It can be either unlocked with the help of security password, fingerprints of users or swipe card. Sometimes, both fingerprints and security code are required to unlock this system. Generally, it is used in offices and homes. Some digital door locks are also configured with a burglar alarm. Video Intercoms :- Most of the times, it is called as home intercom systems, as video intercoms are widely used in homes. The main function of this system is to let you communicate with one who is outside the door before you open it. When the doorbell rings, the picture and the voice of the stranger get transmitted to the monitor with the help of the camera. This way you can restrict the entry of unwanted person without opening the door. Just like digital door locks, some video intercoms also come up with the facility of burglar alarm. Although, it is true that digital security systems offer higher level security, choosing the right system from the right retailer is also equally important. Since, the wrong security system can make intruders efforts easy. So, if you are looking for the authorized dealer of security systems, Digital Door Locks (DDL) is there. Here, you can find various types of Samsung Apartment units, Home Automation products, Video Intercoms at very affordable prices. All products of DDL are easy to install with superior quality and come with complete technical support. Along with all this, 2 years warranty is also offered on Samsung security systems purchased at Digital Door Locks. So, why to wait? Select the best security system to get rid of the fear of burglary. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: