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Sports-and-Recreation The first ever American cricket clubs were established in the 1700s, which was not long after their first appearance in England. The game of cricket quickly became a recreational pastime of leisure. Shortly after the US clubs were formed, Eastern Canada signed on to develop their own clubs. This addition brought about a situation where both the US and Canadian cricket clubs were in a constant search of .petition. Soon, enough interest was generated to spark a friendly rivalry that became the first international cricket match. The inaugural Canada vs. USA cricket match, which has been played annually since the 1840s, brought more than 10,000 fans to New York. Currently one of the oldest international sporting events of today, the Canada vs. USA match was the first of what would be.e an even larger reaching international sport. During the 20th century, cricket began to decline in the United States. In the late 1800s, cricket still remained an amateur sport while both England and Australia were launching a professional system for cricketers. As cricket standards improved internationally, many North American cricket clubs remained elite and recreational. Townball, which was a recreational sport developed out of cricket, could be played in small city squares and .pact urban spaces. A select number of cricket clubs even sponsored the first baseball teams, as they were later called. In the 1900s, the game of baseball hit a homerun on the American scene and all but .pletely removed the sport that gave it life. Within a few decades, Cricket being played in America was nothing more than a fond memory for many. In the 1970s, America revisited cricket as populations continued to grow who were also big fans of the sport. For years, Disney even considered the potential profits that could be associated with bringing cricket back to the United States. Today, the decision as to whether a new cricket association should be launched or whether American spectators should spend their money investing in first-class cricket matches, played by international cricketers but in local venues, has left many wondering what the future holds. As much remains unknown, the face of cricket continues to change. The addition of the new International Cricket Conference has sparked the expansion of the sport into new areas. The internet, which is a haven for all things historic and modern, is a terrific place to search for information on cricket. From blogs to full-length columns, rankings, scores, players, leagues, teams, new and photos, the internet is perhaps the best resource for any sport. While baseball remains America’s favorite pastime, many wonder if Cricket will once again reemerge as one of America’s popular sports from the past. Whether you are planning to travel for a cricket event and want to make your reservations online, you are an athlete who is interested in contributing or you are a fan, the world wide web can offer a web of information. As sure as there is a game to be played and fans who are still interested in watching, there will be attempts and plans to reinstate the game that once en.passed a nation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: