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Burst! Xiamen 3 boys go to the seaside, 1 people died, a hot day to swim in the sea is a very comfortable thing, but if not pay more attention, danger and accident will happen. According to the netizen reported and city media reports, yesterday afternoon more than 3, the exhibition center Nanhai fishing village seaside happened a drowning incident, 3 about 10 years old boy to the seaside, 2 people swim in the sea, another little partner disappeared. Rescue personnel rushed to the scene, searching in the sea for more than an hour, found the missing child. But unfortunately, the child had no vital signs and died on the spot. At present, the specific circumstances are still under investigation. This year Xiamen ten drowning incident May 28th Xiamen 1 days 3 people drowned, a 15 year old student died in Wuyuan Bay waters and waters of Maluan Bay spate two people swim drowning accident, two people were rescued, a student of death. 7 3 April Xiamen 2 days 4 3 people were rescued from drowning, the white beach, the island was Maluan Bay drowning incident, a total of four people drowned, three people were rescued. In July 25th three or four men’s swimming drowning missing friends meet to five lighthouse park on the edge of the sea fishing, a man surnamed Huang, swim in the sea, drowned. In July 26th 12 year old boy playing the sea marine killed a 12 year old boy, at the Convention Center bus station across the sea to swim in the sea drowning. First aid, out of the danger of life. Men’s swimming alone without floating out unfortunately drowned on the same day, a man swimming in the waters near the Wuyuan Bay, allegedly because Tilibuzhi without a safety floating tool, unable to return soon sank into the water. When the rescuers found it, they lost their lives. July 29th Xiamen a boy drowning into the sea to save the father son unfortunately both drowned…… Near the lake area five business Bay waters, a drowning boy, his father into the sea to save the son unfortunately both drowned. In October 3rd, men drowned after drowning, and all of them died after being sent to hospital by a Inner Mongolia tourist who drowned in the sea near the The Bay View Hotel near the roundabout. >

突发!厦门3个男孩结伴到海边游玩 1人不幸身亡 大热天到海里游泳本是一件很舒服惬意的事,但若不多加注意,危险和意外也会随之发生。据网友报料和同城媒体报道,昨天下午3点多,会展中心南海渔村海边发生了一起溺水事件,3名大约10岁左右的男孩结伴到海边,2人下海游泳,另外一名小伙伴却不见了踪影。救援人员赶到现场后,在海里搜寻了一个多小时,找到了失踪儿童。但不幸的是,小孩已经没有生命体征,现场死亡。目前具体情况还在调查中。今年以来厦门发生十余起溺水事件5月28日厦门1天3人溺水,一名15岁学生死亡五缘湾海域和马銮湾海域接连发生两起市民下水游泳溺水事故,两人获救,一名学生死亡。7月3日厦门2天内4人溺水,3人获救岛内白城沙滩,岛外马銮湾均发生溺水事件,共四人溺水,三人获救。7月25日男子下海游泳溺水失踪三四好友相约到五通灯塔公园边上的海边钓鱼,一黄姓男子下海游泳,溺水身亡。7月26日12岁男孩偷偷下海玩水险送命一名12岁男孩,在会展中心公交车总站对面海域下海游泳溺水。经过急救,脱离了生命危险。男子独自游泳未带浮具不幸溺亡同日,一名男子在五缘湾附近海域下水游泳,疑因体力不支又未带安全浮具,无法返回,不久后沉入水中。被救援人员找到时,已失去了年轻的生命。7月29日厦门一男孩溺水,父亲下海救子不幸双双溺亡……湖里区五通厦金湾附近的海域,一男孩溺水,父亲下海救子不幸双双溺亡。10月3日男子游泳溺水 众人接力救援送医后身亡一名内蒙古游客在环岛路亚洲海湾大酒店附近的海边游泳溺水,众人接力救援送医,最终宣布不治。>相关的主题文章: