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She invited the international media reporters to "vegetable feast" inventory game vegetables – Sohu page first: British leaders dressed in shades of blue and white porcelain Home Furnishing style shirt, with a pair of blue jeans, the afternoon of February 12th, Thailand’s former Prime Minister yingluck appeared in her residence outside the courtyard is located in the suburb of Bangkok, a high-profile to the presence of so many journalists in her stay in an important interest in home: vegetables. In fact, yingluck began to grow vegetables on her Facebook page long ago. Britain’s vegetable garden is made up of two plastic sheds, about three or four yards in the size of a basketball court. Most of the vegetables she planted are suitable for salad making, and they are organically grown by two methods: soil cultivation and solution culture.     it is reported that yingluck is currently dealing with the judicial issues of some criminal cases before the ruling period, and was banned by the National Legislative Council of Thailand for 5 years. But she said she was happy now, and she could do a lot of things that she had missed when she was Prime Minister. Besides planting vegetables and preparing court cases, she would go to temples and meet old friends. In many of the retired or retired leaders, like the British, like to grow vegetables is not a few. Today we take inventory, domestic and foreign leaders, what are the vegetables as their hobbies. Page fourth: Charles Charles   his Highness Prince Charles was always long standby indefinitely, as early as 10 years ago, he will be in their own territory with undivided attention up farm, attention to organic agricultural products cultivation, can eat healthy fresh and can enjoy the Vegetable & Fruit, harvest happiness, Yangxin cheer, gradually do the farm a variety of dishes can disengage from the vulgar, has become a popular Western celebrities living fashion. In 1981, Prince Charles in the Cotswold district (Cotswolds), this is known as the most beautiful British town to buy a house with the Manor – Highgrove house (Highgrove House), as he and Diane married bridal chamber. Although the manor hostess has changed from Diane to Camilla, but the enthusiasm of the organic Prince this piece of land devoted to never change. Every year, Prince Charles shows his new trends in his own farm on his own farm. For example, his organic kitchen. All his food in the kitchen, are grown in organic farming, vegetables and fruits Nothing needed is lacking. The prince even wrote an organic Cookbook enthusiastically. 英拉邀国际媒体记者赴“蔬菜宴” 盘点酷爱种菜的领导人-搜狐 第1页 :英拉   身着青花瓷色调的家居风格衬衣,配上一条藏蓝色牛仔裤,2月12日下午,泰国前总理英拉出现在她位于曼谷郊区住所外的庭院,高调向在场的众多记者晒她赋闲在家的一个重要兴趣:种菜。实际上,英拉在其脸谱主页上很早就开始晒种菜照片了。英拉的菜园子主要由两个塑料大棚组成,在大约有三四个篮球场大小的庭院一角。她所种的大多是些适合制作沙拉的蔬菜品种,采取土壤种植和溶液培养两种方法有机栽培。       据报道,英拉目前正在处理之前执政时期的一些刑事案件的司法问题,并且被泰国国家立法议会禁止从政,为期5年。不过她表示自己现在过得很快乐,可以做很多原来担任总理期间错过的事,除了种菜和准备法院的案子,还会去寺庙、跟老朋友见面。   在诸多在任或退休的国家领导人中,像英拉一样喜欢种菜的不在少数。我们今天就来盘点,国内、国外的领导人中,都有哪些把种菜当做自己的兴趣爱好。 第4页 :查尔斯   查尔斯     超长待机王储查尔斯殿下登基总是遥遥无期,早在十几年前,他便在自己的领地一心一意打理起了农场,专注有机农产品种植,既可以吃上健康放心的新鲜蔬果,又可以享受收获的幸福感,养心怡情,渐渐地做做农活种种菜便脱离了粗俗,成了一种风靡西方名流圈的生活风尚。   1981年,查尔斯王子在科兹窝区(Cotswolds),这个被称为英国最美的小镇买下一座带庄园的房子―海格洛夫庄园(Highgrove House),用做他和黛安娜的结婚新房。尽管庄园的女主人先后易主,从黛安娜换为卡米拉,但是王子对这片土地倾注的有机热情从未改变。每年,查尔斯王子都会在自己的农场上秀一下他的环保新动向。比如他的有机厨房。他厨房内的所有食材,都是有机农场中种植出来的,蔬菜瓜果无所不有。王子甚至还兴致勃勃地写了一本有机食谱。相关的主题文章: